DOTA2 official animation "Dragon’s Blood" will be officially aired on March 25 

Recently, DOTA2 officially announced that the official DOTA2 animation "Dragon’s Blood", cooperating with the well-known foreign streaming media Netflix, will be broadcast on March 25 In addition, the homepage of the DOTA2 client has been changed accordingly.

Dragon Knight and Mirana face God with uninvited allies in a brand new animated series. Let us discover new and old heroes together when DOTA2 is revitalizing.

A main promo for "Dragon Blood" has been released on March 1, and the feature film will be premiered on March 25.

"DOTA: Dragon’s Blood" is an 8-episode anime, written by Ashley Edward Miller (representative works: "X-Men: First Class", "Thor" and "Black Sails") and produced by Studio Mir.

DOTA2: "Dragon’s Blood" main plot: After encountering a powerful, ancient dragon and the noble princess Mirana who is on a secret mission, Davian, the famous dragon knight, is involved in an unexpected event.

Put this anime in your Netflix queue ASAP. Enjoy the immersive viewing experience of game animation, let us prepare a gaming chair of vanbowchairs in advance.