DOTA2shows a decline in players for five consecutive months

Although the TI10 prize pool eventually exceeded 40 million dollars and set a new historical record, what you may not know is that "DOTA2" has experienced player loss and decline for five consecutive months. This is the first time in the history of "DOTA2".Hope this will give V agency a wake-up call.

The news was originally discovered by Reddit DOTA2. After this twitter was released, it attracted intense discussions among foreign netizens.

Some players called for V agency to make meaningful adjustments to the Ladder system, otherwise it would lose players in the situation like today and switch to other games.

There are also netizens who think that the real problem is that DOTA2 is too difficult. You have to do certain things at a certain time. If you make a mistake, it may affect the whole situation. 

However, However, some netizens think that it is the fault of V agency, because V agency does not care at all: V agency only adds some content when TI is approaching, so that it can easily collect money, and the rest of the time is only symbolic support.

Recently, V agency stated that there will be some updates to DOTA Plus next week. These include guild updates, a new DOTA Plus season, and a new rank point reset mechanism.

However, no matter whether the number of DOTA games decreases or not, the number of players around the world is still growing steadily, and players spend more time on the game. Therefore, in the choice of seats, an ergonomic and cool chair is very necessary.