Evaluation of 2020 gaming chair kcream 8396

Although the kcream 8396 game chair is a standard gaming chair, many people think that this chair is a hidden treasure and has many comprehensive functions. Although the price of $200 may be a little high for people with tight budgets, in fact, the chair is worth the price.


Chair with waist massage function

For example, this kcream 8396 chair is specially equipped with a USB connected waist massage pillow. Although this can not replace the actual massage chair or masseur, it is a luxury configuration in the electronic competition chair, which is not necessarily available on many expensive chairs.

And it comes in handy if you want to make sure you don't get tired after sitting for hours and let your back and waist relax. In this high-end configuration, the chair also provides amazing adjustability.


Multiple adjustable functions

The back of this chair can be tilted to 155°, which makes the chair seat and back form a unique line. Besides, there are several other useful features, including a fully removable adjustable footrest, a full leather cover for optimal comfort, and adjustable armrests, all designed to give you the best experience.