"League of Legends" S10 finals ended

World champion belongs to Korea

Computers and mobile phones have blossomed. In the world S10 finals of the League of legends, which ended this weekend, this popular computer-based competitive game organized a large-scale offline competition, once attracting 2 million people to register to draw tickets.

As a result, the South Korean team DWG took the trophy away from Shanghai.


"League of Legends"  will launch mobile terminal soon

At the same time, the mobile phone end of the League of heroes is also on-line testing shortly, trying to expand the player group to the mobile field.

Its challenger is Tencent's honor of kings, a top-notch product with 100 million daily active users.

Since its operation in 2015, the glory of the king has created several mobile game records. Li Min, general manager of Tianmei studio, revealed that it will expand its IP to two other different types of games.


The epidemic has promoted the development of the game industry

During this year's epidemic, consumer spending on mobile entertainment has increased significantly.

According to data from a third-party survey, the user consumption of glory of the king rose 87% year on year in September this year.

Analysts expect Tencent's game revenue to grow 35% year-on-year to 48.2 billion yuan in the third quarter and will absorb more computer and host players in the future.

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