PUBG announces India return plan with new game

 PUBG Mobile plans to return to India in a new avatar, parent company PUBG Corporation said on Thursday. TechCrunch reported last week that the South Korean gaming firm was plotting its return to the world’s second-largest internet market two months after its marquee title was banned by the country.


PUBG will create for India

The new game, called PUBG Mobile India, has been specially created for users in India, PUBG Corporation said. It did not share when it plans to release the title.


$100 million will be invested

Additionally, the company — and its parent firm, KRAFTON — said they plan to make an investment worth $100 million in India, one of the largest markets of PUBG Mobile, to cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries ecosystems. It also plans for more than 100 employees in the country.

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