Riot game is ambitious, S11 will become the next exploding point of LOL

Last year, the S10 global finals returned to Shanghai. The organizers intend to completely detonate the topic of League of Legends in the local area on the tenth anniversary.

Although the championship and runner-up finals held between DWG and SN reached 23.04 million viewers per minute (AMA), and the peak number of viewers (PCU) reached 45.95 million, the viewing time (live broadcast and playback within 24 hours) during the event exceeded 10 The amazing data of RMB 100 million has reached a new high.

However, due to the fact that the offline final competition was blocked by the epidemic situation, and the final SN was defeated, it seems that all aspects of the implementation are not satisfactory.

In this context, 2021 and S11 will undoubtedly become the next flashpoint of League of Legends e-sports, and it is also an opportunity that the organizer's first games must not miss in the short term.

In his speech on the live broadcast of the new season, John Needham, head of global e-sports at Riot Games, explained their definition of this year's global finals: "Unlike the online game-based experience in 2020, we plan to work with fans.

Embark on a large-scale e-sports journey across multiple cities in China. The 2021 League of Legends Global Finals will be an unprecedentedly grand e-sports event, and strive to become one of the sports events with extensive global influence."

It can be seen that not only the players but also the event organizers themselves have great expectations for this year.At the same time, John Needham also announced in the live broadcast that the e-sports event of the League of Legends matrix products will begin to be implemented in 2021.

At that time, vanbowchairs will continue to pay attention to the scale of these derivative products' E-sports professional events and whether they will complete the bucket aggregation of all events like Blizzard carnival.