Stop updating StarCraft2

Injured in addition to "StarCraft 2" and RTS type games, as well as the feelings of old players.

On October 16, Blizzard posted an announcement on StarCraft 2's official website. The length of the announcement is not long, more than 800 words allow players to see the end at a glance.

Compared with the previous update announcement, those piecemeal game changes, and bug fixes, this announcement is concise, specific, and concise.

Due to its simplicity and concreteness, players soon grasped several key points in this announcement - "continue to update and adjust the balance of professional competitions" and "stop making paid content like commanders or war chest".

To put it simply, Blizzard has stopped updating and developing leisure playing methods based on the "cooperation model", and has only adjusted and maintained professional competitions.

But this news is actually a kind of injury to many professional players. Some things can only enjoy a more advanced experience by paying for something. Like ordinary chairs, there will be irreversible damage to the players' waist and neck for a long time.

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