The annual awards of ESports Awards announced

The annual awards of 2020 eSports awards were announced recently. Secret team won the best electric competition team award, and Nisha also won the best electric competition player award belonging to him.

ESports Awards is a well-known Western e-Competition award, which covers all aspects of the e-Competition industry, and is voted by the audience and many industry members.


Chair expert who understands you

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Various efforts have been made to relieve fatigue

For example, the multifunctional tray including the bottom of the seat can be adjusted according to the height most used by each player; the whole cut high-density sponge makes the pressure on the hip of the player greatly reduced, and the 4D armrest perfectly supports the hand operation.

The curve design of the chair back perfectly fits the waist, back, and neck of the body. At the same time, the chair can adjust the reclining angle 90-155 ° freely during the rest time.Get a feel for it.