Vanbowchairs congratulates the TGA Annual awards announced

Earlier today, TGA, known as the Oscars in the gaming industry, officially announced the major awards and winners list. Among them, only Zonic in the CSGO project won the best e-sports coach of the year award.

ZywOo, who won the best e-sports mobile name of the year, failed to come to the end. The award was won by the League of Legends S10 champion DWG team SHOWMAKER player.

At the same time, the best e-sports game award of the year is still won by "League of Legends", and the best e-sports event is also won by the 2020 League of Legends World Finals. The following is part of the award list:

E-sports Player of the Year : "League of Legends" SHOWMAKER
Best E-sports Coach of the Year : "CSGO" Zonic
Best E-sports Game of the Year : "League of Legends"
The best e-sports event of the year : "League of Legends" 2020 World Finals
Best E-sports Team of the Year: "League of Legends" G2 E-sports Club 

Vanbowchairs pays tribute to all the winners and will continue to support e-sports players to perform better.