Delivery Information

Shipping Options

For now, we offer two options one is Standard Shipping; one is Dedicated Service.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is our default shipping. In the United States, we collaborate with UPS and FedEx. We usually ship an item depend on our warehouse status. If customers want to track the items, we will offer UPS or FedEx tracking URL, case by case.

In the European Union, we collaborate GSL. We will only offer a GSL tracking URL to help customers track the item.

Dedicated Service

This is a special service to customers. We will mark the item and follow it to make sure the shipping status is smooth, and send a notification email to the customer. Don't need to worry about where is my order. We will take the time to send the info to you.

From Package To Delivery

Vanbowchairs Delivery Formula

Total Delivery Time = Packaging Time(1-3 business days) + Shipping Time(4-10 business days). The processing time varies based on the items you buy.

The most important info: Due to covid-19, we can't promise this formula can work on well.

Delivery Region

  • United States (Excluding  Alaska (AK), Hawaii (HI) Guam, US Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico)
  • European Union

Delivery From Warehouse

United States: 

  • 108-118 Brea Canyon Road, Building 12, City of Industry, CA 91789.
  • Suit 1 121 Herrod Blvd, Dayton, NJ 08810

European Union:

  • Tobelwasenweg 25, 73235 Weilheim/Teck, Germany

Note: Please do not send your return to the address on your package. It is not return address.

Delivery Notifications

Customers usually take two notifications. One is about order confirm. In this term, we are packaging your item. And then, we offer the package to our partner(UPS or FedEx). Customers will take another notification about a tracking number. Now, you can check where and when would you get your order.